Credible sources for evidence-based information

Need some good resources to help dispel or navigate through some of that online (mis)information on GMOs? Check out this outstanding list of resources compiled by Diva Eytcheson. :O)

And… another amazing collection of GMO related information/artefacts on 

Some of my favourite *go-to* blogs, online sources and experts (in alphabetical order):

Do you get confused about the different organizations that are out there and how to determine which are reliable and evidence-based and which aren’t? You are not alone.  

Here are a few ‘new and important narratives’ in the whole GMO debate:

  • Sleuth for Health: Getting to the truth about GMOs – – – check out Julee’s new series on the benevolent side of GMOs (BTW – Julee has kept ALL of her blog entries since before she turned the page in favour of GMOs – – – interesting contrasts there!)
  • Mark Lynas: former Greenpeace anti-GM activist, speaker and author (The God Species: How the Planet Can Survive the Age of Humans 2011; High Tide: News from a warming world (2004); Six Degrees: Our future on a hotter planet (2007)) 
  • Random Rationality: writer, entrepreneur, photographer, explorer, and idiot (his words, not mine), Fourat (once avid anti-GMO-er) talks GMOs in a series he writes
  • One Hundred Meals: Malloy (culinary expert, foodie) and Kessler (food and farm fan) approach farming, food and production in a well-balanced way – – –
  • And check out Arctic Apples Okanagan Specialty Fruits (OSF)- a Canadian company that has developed a non-browning apple! Also, watch OSF President Neal Carter’s TEDTalk on the benefit of ag biotech!
  • Rachael Ludwick (Blog: Fancy Beans) shares the books that she read that changed her mind about GE and GMOs


Then check out GMO SkeptiForum, a online Facebook forum that critically examines the issues (science, policy, ethics, legal, etc) around GMOs.  The Forum is extremely well-moderated and is OPEN to anyone willing to engage in rational and reasoned discussions.

Studies that attest to the safety of GE crops and GM foods:

Ag and Food-related blogs and sites

Got questions about agriculture and farming? Ask any one of the producers/growers below (*) questions – they will answer!

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